Natural Ways To Control Blood Sugar Levels

20 Jul


Running is very source of exercise to help control your blood sugar level. Me myself do alot of walking to help me control my sugar.

lowfat yogurt and granola bar

Eating right is another way. This is a snack that I eat sometime when I need some nurishment. Sometimes I might eat this for breakfast.

Blood sugar monitorLancet holderTest strips

Measuring your sugar is very important part of keeping your sugar under control. I usually try to measure my sugar every meal and right before bedtime. If you measure your sugar often, then you would know how you’re doing with your numbers. Number are very important. If you keep your sugar under control, it’ll keep you from heart disease, heart failure, leg and foot amputations, it could lead you to blindness. It’s very important to keep your sugar under control.


The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a simple 4 phase programfeaturing one-on-one coaching and a balanced lifestyle education designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your results after dieting

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 Try to put yourself on a routine diet plan everyday. Write what your meal plans are everyday. There is an app on your cellphone or tablet where you write down your diet and exercise plan. On my phone I have a step-o-meter that measures all the steps I take during the course of the day. When 12 midnight comes it starts all over.

Real. Refreshing. Advice.

To offer you real knowledge from (you guessed it) real people living with type 2 diabetes, we listened carefully as they shared a bunch of helpful quotes and insider tips to help you manage your condition. We like to call them type 2 diabetes life hacks. Take your pick from the collection below.

Keep in mind, every person is different, so what works for someone else might not work for you. These aren’t medical professionals after all. Just friendly people who wanted to lend a hand. Be sure to ask your doctor which tips could help you.

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