PTS Diagnostics A1C Now+ Multi-Test Blood Glucose Monitor (Plus 10) It Measures A-1C

07 Aug


 A1C Now plus Reviews

Detect hemoglobin A1C with results within 5 minutes

No fasting is required

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) waived for home and professional use

Easy to use and 99% accurate.

Home use is very convenient

This will save a trip to the lab every 3 months. You write the results and your doctor will have them in his or hger hands. You should keep your A1C at about 7%. It averages your sugar the last 3 months.

PTS Diagnostics A1C Now+ Multi-Test Blood Glucose Monitor (Plus 10)
Buy new: $121.76
5Used & newfrom $121.76
I highly recommend you to pick up your A1C now so you can do your labs at the convenience of your own home.


It’s cheap in comparison with all meters for A1C on the market, on sale you can purchase for $30.

Includes 2 test kits in one box.

Easy to use, simple instruction.

Result- I don’t know if this year model was updated or not, but my result was very close to lab result. A1C Now – 6.4% and lab result 6.7%

A1C is an expensive blood work, it can cost over $100, you save a lot of $$$$


Unfortunately, you can’t run control solution to check if device is working properly, it does run through self-checking and when it’s ready you will see the word SMPL.

Very sensitive. You must be very precise of collecting amount of blood.

No software is available to truck A1C, you can’t upload to computer your results.









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