stationary bike

Stationary Bike:

It good to work out on this machine for at least 30 minutes everytime you go to the gym. It’s good for people who has knee problems. You set the machine whatever you want to. Sometime you can pretend you’re on a beach or in the mountains while you’re on the bike. It helps out your cardio.



You can walk, run and jog on the treadmill. You can either do in the gym or the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to go outside and run. Sometimes the heart doctor uses these machines for echo stress test. I had to do that last month.



This is my favorite machine I like to workout on. It helps your knees. It helps the upper and lower body. It’s a stationary bike and a treadmill in one. I usually do a 30 minute workout on here.


Kayak and paddle:

Kayaking is good for your arms and upper body. I usually don’t go kayaking, but I have good friends that do it. They still look good well into their 50s and 60s. They go hiking. Then they go kayaking.



Jogging is one of the best exercises. It’s good to jog at least 3 days a week. I used to that when I was in school. I did it when I did sports in school to get into shape for whatever season we in. I played basketball, soccer and track. Had to be good shape for those sports.

bench press

Bench press:

When I was in school I used to love doing this bench press. I like to build my upper body. When you go to the gym and you want to do some body building, you should do the lower body and upper body on different days. Back then when I used to work out with weights, I would lose weight and get stronger. I built muscle out of fat. I turned that fat into muscle. I always did this during off season. Don’t try to lift weights and play basketball the same day because it throws your shot off. Unless you play basketball first or lift weight real early in the morning. Then play basketball alot later.

fitness bender

This machine is good for the upper body. You do this exercise the same day you do the bench press. This machine is also good for your forearm also.

Dumb bells

Dumb bells:

You can use these to build your biceps. You do this workout on the same day you do your bench press. Work on your upper body one day. Then you work on your lower body another day. If you workout 5 or 6 days a week, every other day you work on your upper body and every other day you work on your lower body. Also you can use dumb bells to work on your forearm also. 

These are some demostrations on a forearm workout.