Everyday I have to take these medications to stay healthy. The Tresiba is a long term insulin that lasts 24 hours. I usually take that in the morning when I eat my breakfast. It’s suppose to be taken this in the morning. Novolog is another type of insulin. I’m suppose to take that on a sliding scale. What that means is depending on what my sugar measurement is that day is how many units I take. If my blood sugar goes below 120, then I don’t have to take the Novolog, but I still have to take the other two. Victoza I have to take in the morning. Victoza has a side effect you should know about. It could cause you to have stomach ache. I sometimes get stomach aches when I take that medicine. You do not have take this medicine with food. You use the same insulin needles with all these pens. Which is shown here. Some prefer long needles and some prefer short needles. What’s shown here is short needles which I prefer.

Insulin needles 

Blood sugar monitor

This is my blood sugar monitor I measure my sugar with. I have to do this 3 or 4 times a day. I do something that works for me. I’ll measure my sugar at breakfast. Then at lunch. Then dinner. That works much better for me because I can manager my sugar much better when I do it that way. They want me to measure it at bedtime, but I usually fall asleep before have a chance to measure my sugar. Majority of the time I measure my sugar when I’m out because I’m not home as much. I always have errand to run or I have to work. Like this morning I had a doctor’s appointment so I measured my sugar while I was out. I have to use a lancet holder and lancets to measure my sugar. These lancet can be used with almost every lancet holder there is. I use test strips to measure my sugar. I have to prick myself 3 or 4 times a day with what you see down here. When you go into public and do this make sure you are organized. That is very important to keep all diabetic supplies together. To be honest I know you see a different monitor in the diabetic testing kit than you see on top, but that’s my old diabetic monitor. The new one I’m going to be using is on the top. The test strip goes with that monitor you see on top. My insurance does not cover the old diabetic monitor. The test strips cost me $240. Very expensive. I got the test strips you see on the bottom, they cost me only $25.

Lancet holderLancetTest stripsDiabetic testing kit

Along with my insulin, I have to take diabetic pills. Some I take once a day (breakfast). Some I take twice a day (breakfast & dinner). I try to take these medicine at the same time everyday. Sometimes it’s difficult to do that because of my schedule. My doctor gets on me about trying to do everything on a routine schedule. I told her it’s hard for me because of my work schedule. I work a job that gives you different schedule every week.